Entrance Landmark for Rio Salado South Bank

Photograph of the South Bank entrance landmark by Thomas Strich

┬áThe South Bank Entrance Landmark by Thomas Strich marks the western edge of the Rio Salado South Bank Path. The Landmark was modeled after the vertical measuring devices used in surveying call stadia. The Landmark’s steel framework is 15 feet tall. The panels are assembled from recycled City of Tempe street signs. The blue curves represent the river’s flow. This sculpture stands on the edge of a busy river bridge and freeway overpass. Passing cars illuminate the reflective signs at night with their headlights.

For the Rio Salado South Bank Path, the City of Tempe commissioned a design team to create site enhancements and public art for the formerly barren river bank. The enhancements the design team generated became known as The Creative Edge. The design team for The Creative Edge consisted of: Ruben Valenzuela, landscape architect; Virginia Senior, architect; Thomas Strich, artist; and Jeff Oesterle, fabricator. Thomas Strich’s sculptures are enjoyed as strong features on a pathway now used by numerous pedestrians, runners, skaters, and cyclists.