Industrial Design for AI Assisted Countertop Check Out

This industrial design is a 2’x3’x2′ steel countertop device developed to securely hold cameras and hardware for an AI assisted check out system. The design required an attractive, durable, and secure framework for a high-traffic retail setting. The device’s specifications were driven by the placement and optical limitations of the cameras, as well as anticipated customer behavior. The cameras need to be securely locked in place, yet the customer needs to be able to move freely in close proximity to the device without impairing the system’s function.

Design solutions were developed in collaboration with the Data Science team and were rendered in 3-D (SketchUp) for with management review prior to prototype fabrication.

Final design elements include the framework, a custom camera enclosure, and elements (metal and 3-D printed) within the camera enclosure both to hold the lens securely in place and to allow for heat dissipation. I fabricated prototypes and multiple devices during demonstration and the early phase of production.

Brick Racers™ Toy Design – Where Creativity Meets Speed!

Build, Race, WIN!

Some of Tom’s favorite product designs are toy designs. Brick Racers™ are a line of toy vehicles with a metal base and a brick plate top. These creative toys allow for open-ended, physical play, with lots of opportunity for creative destruction and storytelling. It’s all about building and then racing!

Image of Brick Racer yellow car on 1/64 scale orange track with Brick Racer logo. An action toy vehicle designed by Thomas Strich.

Brick Racers™ are a cross between a construction toy and a diecast car. The toys are designed to work on many existing diecast car play sets.

Brick Racers™ can also be used as educational STEM toys to explore basic physics and engineering.

Tom is the primary inventor on 2 US design patents for these vehicles. He worked collaboratively with a partner to develop a wide variety of designs for more than 20 different brick body tops. All of the brick designs use bricks that are available in the public domain. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Tom at thomas-strich dot com.

Blast Off Blocks – A Wooden Toy Set for Toddlers

Blast Off Blocks is a space-themed building set of wood toy blocks. This toy design brings together the love of building with the joy of exploration. Kids can build their own space vehicle and rocket into space with this imaginative construction toy!

Blast Off Blocks, wooden toy blocks for toddlers. This information sheet shows wooden toy block space rocket and planets.
Blast Off Blocks, a proposed wooden toy block set for toddlers – Explore the exciting adventure of Space!

Kids can use their imaginations and storytelling skills to explore the planets. At the same time, the planet models can be used as STEM educational toys.

Product Designs and Hummingbirds

In 2016, I was part of a small team that published the multi-media educational ebook, Hover: Hummingbirds in the United States. I later used the assets from the ebook to develop consumer products.

Chapter 1 Hummingbirds shows a close up of a female hummingbird hovering to feed from a pink and white flower. Thumbnail images of the following pages are visible at the bottom of the image.
Chapter 1 Table of Contents for the ebook Hover: Hummingbirds in the United States

The first product design was the adult coloring book, Coloring Hummingbirds. Each page of this book featured a species of hummingbird typically seen in the United States and Canada. Detailed drawings and brief natural history information were included. The illustrations were based on photos from the ebook and associated website.

Coloring Hummingbirds: A Coloring Book Exploration into the Lives of Hummingbirds of the United States and Canada
Coloring Hummingbirds: A Coloring Book Exploration into the Lives of Hummingbirds in the U.S. and Canada

I also developed a more whimsical coloring product, Coloring Hummingbirds folios. These folios have been sold in independent gift shops.

Coloring Hummingbird coloring sheet folios on display with a hummingbird mandala colored in as part of the display
Coloring Hummingbirds, a whimsical series of coloring sheets, for sale in a gift shop

We have also made a series of hummingbird designs available on consumer products on Redbubble, a print-on-demand website.