Industrial Design for AI Assisted Countertop Check Out

This industrial design is a 2’x3’x2′ steel countertop device developed to securely hold cameras and hardware for an AI assisted check out system. The design required an attractive, durable, and secure framework for a high-traffic retail setting. The device’s specifications were driven by the placement and optical limitations of the cameras, as well as anticipated customer behavior. The cameras need to be securely locked in place, yet the customer needs to be able to move freely in close proximity to the device without impairing the system’s function.

Design solutions were developed in collaboration with the Data Science team and were rendered in 3-D (SketchUp) for with management review prior to prototype fabrication.

Final design elements include the framework, a custom camera enclosure, and elements (metal and 3-D printed) within the camera enclosure both to hold the lens securely in place and to allow for heat dissipation. I fabricated prototypes and multiple devices during demonstration and the early phase of production.