Brick Drivers™ Toy Design – Where Creativity Meets Speed!

Some of Tom’s favorite product designs are toy designs. Brick Drivers™ are a line of toy vehicles with a metal base and a brick plate top. These creative toys allow for open-ended, physical play, with lots of opportunity for creative destruction and storytelling. It’s all about building and then racing!

Brick Drivers Thomas Strich. A yellow car made of toy bricks on a metal base rolls down an orange toy race car track.

Brick Drivers™ are a cross between a construction toy and a diecast car. The toys are designed to work on many existing diecast car play sets.

Brick Drivers™ can also be used as educational STEM toys to explore basic physics and engineering.

Tom is the primary inventor on 2 US design patents for these vehicles. He worked collaboratively with a partner to develop a wide variety of designs for more than 20 different brick bodies. All of the brick designs use bricks that are available in the public domain. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Tom at thomas-strich dot com. (These vehicles were formerly called Brick Racers – we changed the name to Brick Drivers™ in 2024.)