Hugo Kinstler Volans’ Influences

A photo collage displaying the early history of rocket science and scientists.

This display board was created by Thomas Strich for the presentation of the public art proposal Launch Pad into the Space of Dreams. The public art proposal centers upon the creative reconstruction of the launch site of the enigmatic rocket scientist Hugo Kinstler Volans. This display board shows Hugo Kinstler Volans’ Influences. It is a photo collage of early rocket scientists and their developments in rocketry. It shows: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Hermann Oberth, Robert Goddard, Werner von Braun, and Sergei Korolev. Featured developments are: early rocket clubs of the 1930’s, the V2, the rocket from the movie “Woman in the Moon,” Sputnik, Explorer 1, rockets in science fiction, rocket launches of the early U.S. space program, and Jantar Mantar – the observatory in Jaipur India.